Harmonious Set (满月)

RM40.50 / pax

What is Included in the Set?

  • Silver Fish Fried Rice (银鱼炒饭)
  • Fried Mee Hoon with Clam (啦啦炒米粉)
  • Chicken Stewed with Rice Wine (秘制酒鸡)
  • Traditional Curry Chicken (传统咖喱鸡)
  • Broccoli with Assorted Mushroom & Bean Curd (双菇豆根西兰花)
  • Kam Heong Fish Fillet (甘香鱼片)
  • Fried Spring Roll (香炸五香卷)
  • Fried Dumpling (脆皮炸水饺)
  • Fresh Fruits (鲜甜水果)
  • Nyonya Kuih (美味娘儿糕)
  • Red Eggs (红鸡蛋)
  • *Pork Knuckle Vinegar upon request (猪脚醋需提前预约)

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 10 pax per order, please consult us for delivery options.
  • Order must be placed 3 days in advance.
  • Delivery within 10km from Extra Tasty location(Ampang) is free of charge.
  • Payments are to be made in full upon confirmation and prior to delivery.
  • There is no option to change a confirmed order once it has been placed.
  • Confirmed orders are non-refundable.
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