Extra Tasty Package

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Oriental Package

  • Abundance Set (幸福如意)
    RM70.00 / pax
  • Prosperous Set (繁荣兴旺)
    RM59.90 / pax
  • Enrichment Set (丰财聚宝)
    RM45.90 / pax
  • Concorde Set (和睦圆满)
    RM35.90 / pax
  • Enchanting Set (妩媚迷人)
    RM25.90 / pax

Muslim Package

All our Muslim sets are prepared separately in our Halal certified kitchen.

  • Set Bunga Kertas
    RM18.90 / pax
  • Set Bunga Orkid
    RM29.90 / pax
  • Set Bunga Raya
    RM39.90 / pax
  • Set Bunga Rafflesia
    RM55.00 / pax

Western Package

  • Sparkle Set (闪耀活力)
    RM24.90 / pax
  • Celebration Set (喜庆旋律)
    RM38.90 / pax

Full Moon Package (满月)

  • Harmonious Set (满月)
    RM40.50 / pax

Vegetarian Package (素)

  • Grateful Set (感恩幸福)
    RM29.90 / pax
  • Happiness (幸福温馨)
    RM39.90 / pax

Tea Break Package

  • Tea Break
    RM16.90 / pax

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